The World of Orbis is built in the spirit of Christianity.

This is a story for teenage souls and for adults who remember being teens. Her growth from willful, attention starved, thirteen-year-old to wounded but responsible adult exemplifies to teens that adversity can be overcome. But will revenge truly bring her peace? The characters are 'types' imbued with color, the members of the Shefro race literally glow. Adrastea is a thrilling new fantasy novel by Anastasia Vincent. This first book in The Annals of Orbis is set primarily in Arietis, a kingdom populated by Cievo: tree-dwelling people with antlers.

She could hear the clicking of her mother's shoes in the stone hallway as they approached and the soft patter of the servant girl's feet scurrying behind.

Music as healing, music as an art form, music as a weapon. Parents can feel safe giving their teens this creative, fast-paced new fantasy novel!

The characters feel like they have stepped out of an old black and white movie where stalwart heroes battle evil villains. The deaths are not graphically described, but people do die, sometimes at teenagers’ hands. Overall, this is a very clean book. The protagonist Adrastea, especially, starts out as a rather unlikable girl who slowly grows in virtue. Get your free Kindle version on April 5, 2020 on A couple beloved characters such as Leeli’s dog and grandfather also die. Adrastea is burdened with more than her fair share of tragedy. The pure of heart are roused to courage and imbued with energy when they hear her music. Other Great Book Lists for Catholic Kids! Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga consists of four volumes: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, North!

0 Reviews . All content copyright 2020 Brittany Inzeo / Good Books for Catholic Kids, 50 Classic Books that Middle Grade Girls Love, 50 Beautiful Picture Books You Will Want to Own, 25 Great Books for Children Who Love Animals, 20 Great Books for Children Who Love Talking Animals, Good Catholic Books for Catholic Preschoolers and Kindergarteners, Good Graphic Novels and Comic Books for Catholic Kids, Good Picture Books about Lent and Easter for Catholic Kids, Good Books for… Preparing Catholic Kids for a New Baby, Good Books for… Catholic 1 to 2 Year Olds, Good books for…. Of course there’s quiet, moody Adrastea, but she is balanced with other female characters. Hartknoch, 1803. In the exotic, medieval-style setting of Orbis, teens can be heroes rather than victims, empowered by means not available in today’s world: discipline, toughness, martial arts expertise, responsibility, supreme competence and life skills, wise mentors, virtuous friends. 3: Von der komiſchen Epop ee als . In times of need, the children call on the Maker for aid, and sometimes receive it. Of course, there’s also Adrastea’s betrayer (no spoiler about who it is). Selected pages. “The Maker” is referenced repeatedly throughout the series as the creator of the world of Aerwiar. Things change so fast in the digital world and some of the information is outdated. 0 Reviews . View all » Common terms and phrases. One of the trickiest parts of finding good fantasy novels is evaluating the “magic” factor. But don’t worry, the virtue part will not get in the way. 52: Morgenländiſche Literatur . Pingback: Good Books for Catholic 12 to 13 Year Olds  ~ Good Books for Catholic Kids, Pingback: Beyond Narnia: More Great Fantasy Series for Catholic Kids and Teens ~ Good Books for Catholic Kids, Pingback: 60 Classic Books For Middle Grade Boys ~ Good Books for Catholic Kids.

There are several characters who undergo redemption of various sorts. We decided to send separate messages with 20 recipients each.

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Each of the five kingdoms of Orbis has its own language, terrain, and race. Evil has entered Ellestar, royal city of the antlered Cievo people. But given how overwhelmingly Christian and wholesome these books are as a whole, this is another time where I would discuss the dragon question with my children when they read the books. You can read the first chapter of Adrastea on her website. In line with the Christian worldview, major themes in The Wingfeather Saga are self-sacrifice and redemption.

I must say, the Corona Virus quarantine has been a lifesaver for me. Adrastea is often close to despair, there is even a moment with a hint of suicidal thought, but the Princess never gives in to such feelings. The book is a thrilling, utterly enjoyable read of the page-turning kind. With quite a crowd of characters, five different races in their five kingdoms, and a universal geography, this series is reaching more toward the epic fantasy of Tolkien. We created a great number of posts, emails and flyers. Review of “Adrastea” ... Good Books for Catholic Kids is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The open ending is quite realistic and somehow satisfying, and it makes us thirst for the next book in the series to discover Adrastea's role in the battle for Orbis. There’s kind Aleta, a crippled girl who befriends the troubled young princess and refuses to be pushed away. When more crushing blows rain down on the bitter and lonely girl, she is sustained only by her fiery determination to take revenge on the Human who killed her parents. I read The Wingfeather Saga aloud to my kids and we all loved it. Overall, the dragons come into the story fairly infrequently and are not major characters. However, it is Christian in the way of The Lord of the Rings.

It has lots of good ideas, but I think it needs an update. Does he encourage children to dabble in magic? Instead, Peterson uses the term “magic” to be more synonymous with “mystery.” Nia explains the magic of Leeli’s music to her children: “What’s magic, anyway? For example, Kalmar is “fanged” (changed into an animal) when in a time of weakness he loses hope and succumbs to the desire for power. ADRASTEA: Book 1 in the Annals of Orbis. Good Books for Catholic Kids is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. You didn’t seek to bend the ways of the world to your will.

I recently enjoyed reading all four books for the first time, and was quickly captivated by Peterson’s realistic characters and the fascinating world of Aerwiar.

Aleta reluctantly joins forces with Daphne, the humorous Human girl acrobat on her own hunt for scar-face and the bitter Cievo almost learns to smile. This is a complex and controversial subject.