The hunting's become more violent, and Betsy is dragged up the stairs and around the house. Despite a ruling in her favor, though, that neighbor feels she has not received justice, and she swears vengeance on the Bells. Betsy’s friend is hit by a fireplace poker. John visits Kate Batts and asks Kate to kill him and remove her curse. It's fascinating. The mother begs the schoolteacher to marry her daughter 'to protect her' and to take her away to live with him. She sends her daughter to her ex-husband, who is waiting outside. John Bell is taken to church court and found guilty of theft of a woman's land. However, many of the trees remain leafless and the weather is nothing like the norm in spring and summertime Tennessee. Johnston rebukes it: “Demon, in the name of Jesus Christ, leave her!” It drops her and seems to leave, only to return the next night and every night thereafter. She is also suspended by her hair and then dragged up a set of stairs. The film switches from the 21st century to the 19th, and features a subplot about a recently divorced mother (Susan Almgren) whose daughter (Isabelle Almgren-Doré) is going through something like the same experience as Betsy Bell. She picks up an old, broken doll and asks her daughter where she got it. The haunting gets worse, and chairs, books, and people are blown and pulled around by some entity in the house. Associated with that is the idea that it has been brought about by an alleged witch’s curse.
The film is based on the novel The Bell Witch: An American Haunting by Brent Monahan. Betsy and Lucy apparently repressed the incident. Early in the haunting, Johnston sits down with the family and says, “A few chapters from the Bible will solve this house’s problem.” He reads the story of Jesus casting out demons and then leads the family in a prayer: “Demon, in the name of Jesus Christ, be silent and leave this house forever.” At first, it seems the “exorcism” has worked, and the Reverend exclaims, “Hallelujah, God has answered, and your house is silent.”, The entity returns with a vengeance, though, assaulting Betsy violently and levitating her in the air. Contact me | Privacy policy | Join the mailing list | Links. An American Haunting was panned by critics, holding a 38/100 rating on Metacritic, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". She holds the pistol to his head, cocks it, and hands it back to him, saying 'I didn't curse you, you cursed yourself'.John Bell stumbles into the forest, falls to his knees, holds the gun to his head, and pulls the trigger. After a dispute of lands judged by the church, her husband John Bell is cursed by his opponent Kathe Batts, who has a fame of being a witch. John makes a suicide attempt. In 2006, in Red River, Tennessee, a teenager has frequent nightmares. Betsy then stands over her father's grave and says farewell to her innocence.It comes back to the present where the daughter who had the nightmare in the beginning startles her mother who was reading the teachers' notes. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. He says that although he is smitten with Betsy, he cannot 'in all good conscience' marry her just to protect her.John Bell begins to go insane, and goes to the woman whose land he took with his pistol and asks her to kill him.

The gun still won't fire. Betsy poisons her sick, bed-ridden, father with medicine while her mother watches. One of Kate's slaves brings some sheets (that are Betsy's and has her blood from losing her virginity on them) and John's shirt that were found buried on Kate's property. The offended woman tells him to enjoy his good health and the health of his family (especially his daughters) while he can. Betsy awakes to what one would assume is the spirit of the young girl who shows her the truth about who she the bad spirit once again returns in a flash back. An American Haunting is a 2005 horror film written and directed by Courtney Solomon and starring Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, James D'Arcy, and Rachel Hurd-Wood. The offended party, Kate Batts, is infamous in the village due to claims of witchcraft.

Red River, Tenn., 1817. John Sr. shoots at a wolf in the woods. The haunting gets worse, and chairs, books, and people are blown and pulled around by some entity in the house. Betsy is physically thrown around the room and dashed against walls and furniture.