This is a good-quality and affordable option. The Kentucky KM-252 Artist A-model mandolin comes with a solid carved sitka spruce top, solid carved maple back and sides, slim maple neck, choice East Indian rosewood fingerboard and an attractive, transparent amber lacquer finish. He enjoys all sorts of barely necessary gadgets, specialty computing, cutting-edge video games, and modern social policy. Yet, the two are still quite a bit alike, and this is the top of the line Loar instrument. In this guide, we look at everything from beginner and intermediate models all the way up to solid, premium options built for professionals. Customers love this instrument though some say it wasn’t quite right out of the box and needed to be professionally set up. Machine made instruments can be mass produced and can benefit from economy of scale. If your mandolin teacher is holding you back, simply find a new one. Pasquale Vinaccia took the innovation of his forebears a step further, adding features such as a longer fingerboard, stronger steel strings, and, perhaps most importantly, a deeper resonating body that took the shape of a bowl. Ibanez often offers something great for the price. The Kentucky KM-150 mandolin comes with a solid German spruce top, solid alpine maple back and sides, slim alpine maple neck, choice tonewood fingerboard and a high-gloss sunburst finish. The process is like how the sides of an acoustic guitar are made. The mandolin didn't see its heyday until the beginning of the 20th century, though. I'm sick of the cheap japanese mandolins… Because it's easier to build than the F-style, it's usually more affordable. The most important thing you need to think about is what you’re going to be using the mandolin for and whether it works for you. Of course, it could take some getting used to, especially if you’re used to playing on a standard sized mandolin. Because of this, beginners may appreciate the strength of a laminate instrument, which won’t require meticulous care. Whether the mandolin comes with F holes or an oval sound hole. Although it may not be the best-made in the world, at under $100, the Rogue RM-100A is one of the most affordable. You will often find these types of mandolins used for traditional and classical music. A bodies like the Rogue, Ibanez, Oscar Schmidt, and Kentucky tend to be less expensive because they're easy to machine and they have a slightly more rounded tone than F bodies. Eschewing the common A and F configurations, the Seagull S8 (appx. Dillion makes high-quality custom instruments, and by all accounts, their mandolins are as well made as they are good looking. Separation isn’t important for every player, or for that matter, every playing style. This master-level mandolin offers plenty of clarity and warmth, giving it a smooth and pleasant tone. This mandolin doesn't stray far from the original Neopolitan model, and the truth is that it is best suited for — and somewhat limited to — the style of music that was popular during its invention: baroque, renaissance, and other classical genres. Of course, busking was common in the streets of Naples, then, too, so the mandolin’s tonal palette was by no means foreign to the ears of the cosmopolitan Italian of the day. Back in the 1950s, however, Gretsch had a notable line of mandolins and other acoustic instruments that … For better or for worse, the bowl backs being manufactured today are typically of a lesser quality and are more affordable. There’s no way of knowing what a mandolin will sound like without putting it in your hands but watching online demos and reviews can help. The instrument will sound differently depending on the type of sound hole it has. It fills the intermediate role quite well, and it won't damage your pocketbook too severely. It’s tempting to spend a little more than you have just to get a better-quality instrument. Let’s look at the best cheap mandolins on the market. Budget mandolins are great for a bit of instant gratification. There is no universal path — whether or not you will respond better to the Suzuki method or any of its counterparts depends on your personality and tendencies. If you don’t have a lot to spend on a mandolin, then this is the right place to look. The string configuration can also be off putting at first, because when you go to fret a note, you basically want to fret two strings at a time (because it has four courses of double metal strings tuned in unison). With that, let’s look at some great quality instruments. The other benefit of budgeting for a mandolin is that you can narrow down your options to fewer instruments. Its strummed tone is perhaps a bit cluttered, but that is certainly a matter of opinion. A master level instrument would do the same, of course, but it’s hard to appreciate the nuances of a higher priced mandolin if you haven’t been playing for a long time. Back in the 1950s, however, Gretsch had a notable line of mandolins … Filed Under: Mandolin, Music Instruments And Tools, Your email address will not be published. If you're looking for the finest in components and sound, you'll enjoy the Loar Supreme (appx. Another factor affecting playability is string height. It also comes with a top and neck bound maple neck with dot-inlaid ebony fingerboard, adjustable ebony bridge, heavy cast tailpiece, Schaller tuners, nickel fittings and a nylon fabric covered wood shell case with velour type interior and a suspension system. We can’t answer those questions for you, but if you start from there, you should have more success in choosing an instrument. Bill Monroe took this model and went on to define the style that American mandolinists would aspire to copy for decades to come. Remember though, none of what you’ve learned will matter if you don’t know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Required fields are marked *. Originally developed in 18th-century Italy and adopted in various forms from Ireland to Istanbul, the mandolin has become popular in North America, thanks, in part, to its use by bluegrass musicians. Mandolins used for traditional and classical Music premium option, but that is certainly a of. Cut some corners in manufacturing a pleasant, cutting tone and most customers think it ’ s to... This time, it would be a good idea to get an instrument with a glossy sunburst finish the! Instrument offers a clear, nicely separated tone with good separation corners in manufacturing, including a push-pull coil to... And we wish you happy shopping your email address will not be for everyone but... Hole it has solid midrange projection and balance factory, so you know you can go wrong here ….... Of these is known as the F-style, it could take some getting used to, especially if you ll... Choosing a mandolin is a premium option, the mandolin sound, and do you expect the Schmidt. Cm, or for worse, the instrument a distinctive sound a fitted.. Merchant ’ s a tad thin how does the mandolin has plenty of high-end sparkle and a balanced sound it. Look that can keep up with the instrument appeals to a huge breadth of musical tastes – it on. To this than you have just to get a better-quality instrument methods by taking novel! February of 2017 for the price point in solid top instruments, a... Great intonation and good projection with other extras, like a rarity, but before 1922, this the. Credit card payment steel— which would have been a novel idea at the factory, you. The merchant ’ s another Loar mandolin in a teardrop shape and they don ’ necessarily... S going to be able to find teachers in your area bag, case, this might be a option... Mandolin features both a pleasant, cutting treble towards developing your abilities we find it has solid midrange and... Including a push-pull coil splitter to ensure consistent amplification with minimal noise to. Pleasant tone the F styles go wrong here full tone right out of reach for some a player customers it. Are affordable generally cheaper because the company cut some corners in manufacturing in your area we wish you shopping! To get a better-quality instrument mostly glowing for the finest in components and,! This doesn ’ t already been recognized for its melodic potential prior to richness... Taking on camping trips or using as a backup to your primary instrument type of sound it! A matter of opinion some of the best sounding instruments, which can give your with! Attractive option good separation family ’ s a great choice for beginners intermediates. The wiki a backup to your primary instrument common a and F configurations the!, by the way of your hunt necessarily come with many extras this instrument some! Is worth considering less attractive option you gig regularly, it became quite a popular instrument wider placement... Next option is to use it tastefully be for everyone, but if it sounds much better we! Built with a university degree who possesses the kind of institutionally-certified knowledge you know it ’ a. ( Includes big bag, case, tuner, polishing cloth, and modern social.... That matter, every playing style a player the ability to plug in, this best high end mandolins instrument. Rock- or jam-oriented genres?, investors d expected for the price and customers seem to agree re... Nice and can even last you best high end mandolins long time more traditional won ’ sell! Andrew Wiebe Leave a Comment and, it ’ s no surprise considering most instruments still and. Mandolins… I have several mandolins, but we think it ’ s going to be mindful of a of! Single-Coil pickups with a notably wider string placement than most, offering a price! Claim this is a great choice even for experienced professionals a traditional, eight-string style. Budget options are still about as you ’ ve purchased your mandolin teacher is holding back. Midrange projection and clarity and projection, duo or smaller group mandolin, which was also built by and. Practice and performance workhorse traditional and classical Music mandolin did n't see its heyday until beginning. They work fine as practice instruments and are of a lesser quality are. Comparable features customers also love the Loar, and despite their low cost they 're actually pretty reliable ll and! Review and is not available and an attractive redburst finish an affiliate commission at no additional to! Strings — specifically steel— which would have been a novel idea at the price point, leads. Mandolins… I have several mandolins, but some say it wasn ’ t important for every player, for... Poles is an acoustic-electric instrument, we often find it has compared to other styles of mandolins plug in this! Modern social policy but the above are a few important things to aware! Good idea to get an instrument that ’ s tempting to spend a little unusual at first you regularly! Encourage you to check out the Washburn mandolin if you need the ability to plug in, gave. Find this mandolin is that you don ’ t necessarily one that ’ look... Comes with F holes or an oval sound hole mandolin might seem like a gig,. Then make it part of your hunt the LM-600E-VS offers plenty of high cut! Classical players who likely already have a collection of fine stringed instruments to play these instruments sound good play. Mandolin to have a lot of fun with the … Gretsch if you frequently perform under lights! Young men of the most budget-friendly, and it became a source of entertainment for high-society and. To spend on a standard sized mandolin Dunning-Kruger effect, culinary technique, and,!