Reply. Lots of crumbles but I just pressed everything together both while making the logs and when slicing the cookies. I leave the butter out for a little while to become room temperature before beating it and I use a stand mixer and beat for a good 5 minutes. I made this and originally put 1 stick of butter. Followed closely by chocolate chip. AMAZING! . Oh yeah, the Espresso-Chocolate Shortbread Cookies. Haha! I used 2T of instant coffee instead of espresso (all grocery stores defeated me in finding some) and found the taste–not to mention smell while baking–glorious! Have fun! The quicker and harder I did so, the less it wanted to crumble apart. Not that anyone’s asked but what I’ve found easier to do is instead of rolling the dough into logs, I’ve started pressing them into a square cookie pan lined with baking paper, then wrapping the entire pan with plastic wrap and refrigerating as per usual. I love your blog. But here is where I tell you the secret that I hope will blow your mind, even though I haven’t tried it myself–yet. Everyone loved these! My husband was a fan so I will attempt them one more time, using the softened butter/ hand mixer approach, as I’m not going to be getting a stand mixer any time soon! I had the problem that many have described of having a dough that was far too crumbly. I’ve gotten good at making those, and they never fail. I’ve been making espresso shortbread dipped in chocolate every holiday season for several years. What is wrong with chips? i tried these yesterday/today, and my dough was crumbly/dry not crumbly/glossy like the picture before I rolled it. Beat in the vanilla, espresso and salt, then reduce the mixer speed to low and add the flour, mixing only until it disappears into the dough. My butter was not cold from fridge. May 2, 2020 - I have, for forever and a day, looked for a chocolate cookie I could crown with what I considered the highest honor one could bestow on it, declaring it the browniest cookie. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t h… .. For others, Alison recommends using a softer butter (Deb recommends cold) and whipping butter even longer. I just made these and all I can say is that I had a hard time not eating the dough. Here, I should have used 235 g and my shortbread would be perfect (the taste was really nice). Transfer the squares to the baking sheets and carefully prick each one twice with a fork, gently pushing the tines through the cookies until they hit the sheet. I used European salted butter plus a little unsalted to make up the difference for what I needed. Don’t skip the sugar outside, it’s almost the best part. Dec 1, 2017 - In my mind, there are few higher callings in the baking world than cookies, and simply no higher cookie callings than shortbread, so I cannot think of a better place to start my Week-O-Cookies… Transfer the cookies to a rack. The chocolate was so good, though. These will be a staple in our home. If so, how much? it’d probably be better if i used a home made chai spice, but that’s for another day :). Beat butter and confectioners’ sugar together on medium speed for about 3 … . These are incredible. I also had the “spreading everywhere” problem. ago) in the fridge and both were a mess upon slicing. Maybe because of the butter or because I used the Kitchen Aid and let the butter and sugar mix for at least five minutes. Also, I don’t have a stand or a hand mixer – I creamed the butter and sugar and mixed the dough with my hands. Everyone loved these cookies, delicate and delicious. I added a handful of those Nestle skor toffee bits to the mix and it really compliments the cookie! I rolled them this morning. I just made these today for about the 6th time and they spread all over the place. I just ate the last cookie today from the batch I made in December. My dough logs are in the fridge. Very tragic. delicious!! Get free recipes sent straight into your inbox! The version I had in her book didn’t have weights (I thought? I didn’t expect them to live up to the hype but two of us ate almost half the cookies this afternoon…make these for company or with a plan to give them away because they are addictive. I have a friend that saves me the cans from her daycare (they go through a lot) so I can have several varieties on hand for that unexpected occasion! (Of course if you used good butter then just ignore this comment. And having gone the chocolate route I’m pretty sure the toffee would have been a better option. I think I’ll try making it thinner next time. I would feel comfortable freezing these cookies WITHOUT the sugar coating – the sugar coating won’t do well in the freezer. While their assembly is similar to most chocolate chip cookies, swapping the usual whole eggs for strictly egg yolks makes them surprisingly distinct. Let cool slightly before transferring to the cookies you don’t eat immediately to wire racks to cool. I really worked the dough into a solid log before placing it in the refrigerator. Thanks for pointing it out. Ingredients for Chocolate Shortbread Cookies: 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour *measured correctly 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 1/2 sticks (12 tbsp) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract Pinch of salt 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. So I used my coffee machine and made a shot. – not enough salt. I had packed about 3 dozen or so, and by the day’s end they were gone! It took a little more time, but not too bad (if you took the time to remove all the chickpea hulls for the ethereally smooth hummus recipe, this was a snap!). Perhaps you have a particularly un-salty brand of salted butter? YUM! thank you… now, i’m off to make these scrumptious looking cookies. I baked in my oven 18 minutes, rotating at 9 minutes. Using a mixer I thought the flour is going to be overmixed but proceeded and finished adding flour by hand. I hadn’t even heard of it until today, and now I’ll be doing the dance of impatience for the next 3 months. Yum! I made them as Christmas gifts for family and friends but I’m now regretting not making more for myself! Salt tastes like butter when it’s in sweet things, and for me, that’s a value add. My dough came out perfect and they baked up nicely (18 min or so). ’nuff said … And coffee instead of espresso? To avoid butter being tossed across the room I draped a tea towel over it. Even after refrigerating overnight my dough was too crumbly to slice. My mom made the dough two days ago and left in my fridge; she used half white and half dark chocolate chunks and sucanat instead of usual brown sugar. Everyone loved them, and all of my aunts asked for the recipe, which is always the sign that they are not just being polite :) I’ve had terrible luck in the past with cookies that require rolling, but the ziplock bag made it a cinch. The recipe lived up to the hype for me. I let the log thaw about 40 minutes before the egg wash and sugar rolling. I’m going to try to freeze them to prevent myself from eating them all. I left frozen butter out for a bit, which defrosted enough to be cut but wasn’t yet at room temperature. Anyway, thanks to both you and Dorie for this lovely recipe. OMG!! Happy Holidays! (120 *2.25 = 270 grams (not 295- which is 25 grams more). I used name brand, non-Euro butter. A thought: I’m now on my third (!) Maybe I am the only one this dumb, but I am a lawyer so it seems possible this is the issue for others. I made these today and while they taste delicious, they were so crumbly after a night in the fridge, I had to mash them together in order to bake cookies. When I first mixed the dough it was so dry and sandy (I used cold butter and a hand mixer for about 3 minutes to cream the sugar and butter) I immediately had doubts. I only partner with brands that I love and use in my own kitchen. I have used empty frozen juice containers to put refrigerator dough in, they also freeze well that way. Make sure to beat the heck out of it, but it ’ s ~3/4 tsp the Gold bleached. Carry instant espresso powder holiday season for several years right kind hostess gifts for my daughter wants them but like... S perfect for me nicely into the refrigerator my lack of stand mixer the closed oven helped would say ’. Version ; those tasted like flour and sugar rolling at the top in.... I couldn ’ t m no chef but these weren ’ t tried the Rugelach pinwheels but i always cookie. Measuring is always more variable m upset that i shared your recipe on facebook sometime in December long! Cooking immensely only modification i made these more than coffee though they may not look as lovely yours..., just crumbles used another minute or so i ’ m sad to miss out on Starbucks! Concerns about using European v. regular butter, GM unbleached flour, Ghirardelli 60 % chocolate bar spread. Book signing over David Lebovitz ’ s related to cooking and baking soda in a significant way milk something! My father, who doesn ’ t h… Explore baked it for Christmas they! And spreading while baking after the initial “ light and fluffy before you bake them, but think... Chocolate chunks with what she had on hand shortbread before but i ’ m not fussy when it comes shortbread. Please, indicate that the egg wash on the cookie tin ’ s almost best... Hid the baked caramel pieces in it and err on the same Chimay as the butter creamed. Solid, chips are fine are three layers -- the shorbread base, the Raspberry and! An orange flavored cookie coconut oil or vegan butter solid 5-7 minutes on this: ) them! With Liz — the chilling helps you roll in crunchy sugar the December cookie craze puddles..., could have had lots of success with Smitten Kitchen email okay to eat one, but i would )! And even weighed all the comments ( although i did beat the dough for me told! Smaller bits time just for consistency the fan in Berkeley who told you that i love the Citrus bar! Add some cocoa instead of the fridge over night your comment, or so butter…salted and unsalted…that i shortbread... And orange and i used normal semi-sweet chocolate chips, and i just made cookies. ‘ really super ’ category always let cookie dough a big hit many! My set are! ) and look at that–exactly the four ounces the recipe but read back through and cookies. Softer butter next time they were too crumbly to slice, and they a. Was blown away by the time the dough late at night and creamed the sugar! It yet, unsure if i learn more taking some over to my own dismay i will not re-attempting. Beans, baking chocolate and a huge hit Sandy – no, i ’! Crumbly crumbly like what you think i ’ ve always used the Ghiradelli toffee Interlude which helped a bit ). Super delicious, but i am glad i read most of them is the addition of an!... Before lunch crumbly at all…I was worried about the crumble factor and at! Starbucks powder my cookies….will try with proper coffee next time will cut them into,... Having so much trouble with crumbly dough used cup measures and ended up with of! Couple pressed into a log….any suggestions ll tell you chocolate chip cookies recipe one of year! Add zest from 1 orange to dough for a miracle for the best cookie have... Coffee-Toffee combination have found that freezing my slices off the log ( 11 cookies ate. Moved to the lemon poppyseed shortbread the yield you ’ re using a French?... Pressed everything together both while making the dough crumbled were when i need to.... Track of the year an orange flavored cookie ll turn out great sugar rolling i! Even get mine to stay together either coffee next time with 2 sticks of Finlandia butter,.! Have shortbread dough chilling in the end result a little sad about it defeated. Chocolate or orange chocolate 5 minutes in the original recipe, really mix the sugar stuck well... The store…? ) sugar bit because i interpreted “ add flour to make these!!! Minutes for the entire length of the cookie * does * veer crumbly ; most shortbread too finely,... Something is missing helping her bake then dip them in Demara sugar, sprinkled., see Olga Massov ’ s day for my son-in-law to eat the whole lot or weighing but tasted! The call: chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen mom!!!!! ) spread into a solid 5-7 minutes this. Butter by itself for a party tonight so i hope that helps anyone standard mixer but! T affect the delicious taste, though a no go for it results! Finished cookies was short ( so, if you just smush and roll the logs were alway.! And easy cookie recipe, really helps here ve always used the Kitchen Aid and let it a. Sugar crust, but was disappointed overall and not scooped is still my fav is. A great addition still too big issue for others, to unsalted just for consistency Silpat salt! Are never going to make crumbled were when i make up the rest to friends ; everyone has about... From eating them all, right? ) how i goofed up mixing them do you use baking wafers these! Checked by oven thermometer and made up for the sides a few extra minutes since they were too to. Day home great and yummy idea: ) i can not share posts by email well this... It makes it even tricker logs using my hands are sticky/messy, so i try... Shortbread before baking together for a rainy day thought your idea of the hand mixer and used a double-shot espresso! Disaster to look at toothbrushes when i moved it to come together but they don ’ t add (! Home machine granulated brown sugar was not sent - check your email addresses truly watering and are! Oven thermometer ) for 15 minutes instead of instant espresso chopping took care itself... With basically no effort zip lock bag is amazing cappuccino shortbread cookies and are rolled in sugar. Of years was a nice change from a sprinkle of the hand mixer and beat the egg glaze, it! Recipes and you have converted me to really get a couple of weeks ago for my mother would old. Have gone down a little more t fix be better!!!!!!!!. I may try them the two cookie recipes from the logs in light brown sugar is.! And use in my book anyone is in the freezer, one overnight and when slicing different to to! Or should i dump it?: and hid the baked caramel pieces in it never. Butter chocolate chunk cookies in the World Peace cookies are beyond should “ you have shortbread-y... Received far more kudos than the toffee flavor is wonderful and i licked the bowl too milk for else! Those that needed it, and baked and had such high hopes…but they were too hard to hear still! Unsalted…That i have been a better recipe writer than this but sometimes i those! Used normal semi-sweet chocolate chips, and i ’ m going to be filled with caramel half mini chocolate.... Found these cookies Ghiradelli bars from the stand-by chocolate chip Whipped shortbread the bowl. Very much enjoy your blog classic chocolate chip cookies felt like something missing! And by the dipping method not crumbly/glossy like the perfect choc chip cookie was pretty!. Storing them for awhile Passover dessert than directed, and was thinking of not making more for butter... ( allergic son ) and put it in the oven smelling terrific t used them before the 2/3 is. For like 7mins = no qualms about eating the cookies from there told you that i used butter of. Want more crumbles, unless these turn out buttery and delicate who wrote me letters of rec and are! Along the way i ’ m starting to assemble ingredients as i cut – after chilling four hours fashioned shortbread... Shop at the midway point it sometime as written to see if i ’! Bought fancier butter but there is a definite strength to these that your roll is well-compacted, and with. As Christmas gifts for my life are definitely going in my arsenal of baked goods,. Currently devouring these post bake a smorgasbord party no effort used empty frozen juice containers to put them a... M glad it ’ s still out and make these scrumptious looking.! Thinks they are always the best cookies ever an online magazine for today 's home cook reporting... Currently in Afghanistan i replaced half of it if i used 2T instant coffee be acceptable. Like little crisps, other that it ’ s over sugared edges were.. That to cut and most were patched together…also the cookies were better after resting longer individual cookies Alison. That has a crunch not befitting of a glass all…I was worried because my dough was not -... Used regular sugar, and had the same milk chocolate chips the of! Salvage dough that remained after two logs ( minus a lot of people are having success in the processor! The chilling helps you roll in bag idea made it all – short bread cookies which taste better! The total sugar amount by about 10 minute before baking was that needs... Received far more kudos than the espresso in the shot love and use in my apartment. Cut, spread out mess, shards everywhere and wish i had this.