When you want both the softness of the rope and the sturdiness of a chain, drill a wide tire and insert rope just as shown in the tutorial. This process took three attempts before I hit the perfect distance. They make amazing garden art too with a fun craft for kids. Other good toys if you have a multiple good tree branches for this would be a trapeze, and a pair of iron rings. For measuring purposes, figure out the length you would need to attach the tire to a tree then multiply by three. An alternative method for hanging a tire swing is to use eye bolts and playground chain. Limit the amount of people on the tire to one or two at most at a time. on Step 18. The nylon cord will not eat into the tree the way chain would. Paint it up as their favorite cartoon character they love. The kids will get hours of fun from this recycled Tire Swing. Tell anyone using the swing that they must. Be careful when drilling through your tire. I don’t know about you, but when I think about summer, my first thoughts are of fun outdoor activities for my boys. Check the rope of your tire swing periodically for wear and tear. Once the rope is looped over the branch, untie the duct tape or whatever you used as weight for the end of the rope. Doing it this way gave me the flexibility to do what I wanted and hang it how I wanted, and saved money along the way. You will need to hook the s-hook onto the rope, at the bottom of the branch. If your place has a garden, utilize a wide branch of a large tree to hang a tire from.

Required fields are marked *. (Includes 3 Eye Bolts, three 6′ Long Plastic Coated Chains & a 3″ Quick Link) Child and Adult Tire Swing Set Accessories For The Porch, Trees. You can choose whatever size tire you like but remember that huge tires can weigh a lot. When hanging it you want it far enough off the ground so that it will pass over a kid on the ground directly under it. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Making a tire swing with a rope is always an easier option, but if you want a more durable swing, a chain makes sure it doesn’t snap! While a gentle swing has a tranquil effect, fast and rapid swings are for an adrenaline rush, like you have never felt before. Could go to 5/16 if you are concerned. on Step 18. If possible, add a wooden surface by drilling the bottom and place a cushion so the horizontal swing becomes a more relaxing affair. The bigger the tire, the better, up to a point. If you swing to 45 degrees, the load will be 2.4 times the weight of the system, as then h=1/sqrt(2). A great affordable DIY to make for kids and let them sway and spin with the wind! And, if anyone does use this to build their own tire swing, I'd really like to know. But, don't ask me to do an instructable on how to build the completed playset! Make sure the tire is relatively clean and be sure it's still in good enough condition to not split under the weight of people . Have a friend hold the ladder steady if you have one helping you out. Once the tire is chosen, look at both sides of it and determine which side looks better. Knot one end of the nylon rope to the carabiner and the other end to the tree. Most of it is NOT UV stabilized, and it will require replacement every couple years. How to Make a Tire Swing July 31, 2013 By: Michele McDonald 25 Comments I don’t know about you, but when I think about summer, my first thoughts are of fun outdoor activities for my boys. Most tire and automotive shops have to pay a disposal fee for old tires, so staff there are usually happy to give you one. on Step 18. where all free printables are ready to download. The chain does not need to be a huge gauge. If you don't have a helper, simply place the tire on something that raises it up high enough to get the u-bolts attached. Published on December 5th 2017 by Suzanne Kane, Your email address will not be published. Even though it is for an outdoor swing, this is something your kids will sit in and sometimes hold onto.