Ryan Seacrest continues his role as the show's host, while Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie returned for their second season as judges. Tommy caught on and asked Dean for assistance due to being color-blind, but Dean followed the clues for himself and located an idol. No challenge; the note that invited Jamal to the Island of the Idols simply said that he was to lose his vote at the next Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Rob and Sandra watched the proceedings from a concealed alcove; Elaine continued to plead her case, while Ronnie made a case for tribe strength. The two tribes, Lairo and Vokai, were dropped off at their camps with no introduction by Jeff, and several members wondered about the "Island of the Idols" theme. At Tribal Council, Dean was left out of another vote as Tom was sent out of the game. Some of us just weren’t born to do this music thing. Despite being in a 5-2 majority, Noura approached Dean about turning against Jack and Jamal, but Dean was wary of her eagerness to flip. At Tribal Council, Jamal voiced concerns of a potential girls' alliance, but Kellee took the comment as being sexist, leading to a healthy discussion about respect for women. Who are you excited to see? American Idol announced in June 2018 that 20 cities would be visited by the Idol bus, beginning with Orlando, Florida and San Diego, California on August 25. The vote resulted in a tie. Voting continued for the remaining two contestants and closed after the two finalists sang their last songs.

However, Kim saw herself being voted out of the game after a majority of the tribe believed her to be a bigger in-game threat than Spilo was. Castaways were periodically exiled to the island throughout the season, where Diaz-Twine and Mariano taught them a lesson about a specific skill designed to help them in the game, such as fire-making or active listening, and then offered them an optional challenge to test that skill.

[41][42][43], Probst claimed that he and production talked to Kim about letting her have a chance to respond to Spilo, but she agreed with production that as a jury member she would remain quiet as per the game's rules.

[5], The season received widespread media attention after contestant Dan Spilo was accused of "inappropriate[ly] touching" female contestants. They also gave the contestant a chance to win an advantage, but if they failed, they lost their vote at their next Tribal Council.

Lauren then told her tribemates about the challenge, attempting to get only Noura and Elizabeth to compete.

The aftermath of Lairo's first Tribal Council was tense, with Vince questioning why he received votes and Aaron expressing frustration about being left out of the loop.

Vokai had Noura sit out. He also lambasted the show for not having a proper protocol in dealing with sexual harassment until the "inappropriate touching" controversy essentially forced CBS to develop a formal one. The two also had flexibility as to how significant each advantage would be, such as making an advantage be valid for a time ranging from one to three Tribal Councils. Ultimately, Ronnie was blindsided by the rest of his tribe, sans Aaron and Elizabeth (the latter of whom cast no vote), becoming the first person eliminated from the game. Unlike the previous visits to Island of the Idols, Vokai had to come to a unanimous agreement on whom to send, or else the tribe would randomly draw a name.

Jack offered an apology, which Jamal accepted. Lauren felt betrayed by Missy, to whom she felt close, after her alliance's successful blindside of Jason. [2] During the 2018 CMA Awards, three contestants who didn't enter the competition and didn't audition initially, were given a chance to enter the competition. Ultimately, Elaine blocked Jason's vote, and Aaron stayed loyal to his original tribe, sending Jason home. The episode concluded with a tribute to two-time contestant Rudy Boesch, who died the weekend prior to the episode's release. [44] For the remainder of the season, production continued to monitor the situation, with the staff performing individual interviews with players keeping abreast of any concerns or issues related to the situation and reminding contestants to report anything they feel uncomfortable about to production immediately.

Bobby Bones returned as the in-house mentor, and acted as guest host for the taped April 8, 2019 episode. The show went "live-to-tape" four hours earlier than usual to screen for potentially sensitive material relating to the allegations against Spilo and his subsequent ejection.

Due to losing the game on Island of the Idols, this contestant lost their vote at the next Tribal Council.

Dean won the firemaking challenge, making Lauren the final jury member. Wooden Mic: Sithembiso Joji – JHB Audition S15. Aaron and Missy won immunity. Both Missy and Elizabeth admitted that they did not actually have any issues with him. There was an unaired reward challenge.

In the first round, each contestant sang individually, and after ten sang, they gathered in a line.

However, this painted more of a target on Jamal, as Dean and the rest of the tribe weren't convinced of Jamal's story. Watch #AmericanIdol Sunday & Monday 8|7c on ABC ✨", "American Idol 2019 Top 14 Song Spoilers: What Will Contestants Sing? They have full access to producers and doctors, and the production will intervene in situations where warranted. Vokai won the challenge, winning pizza. Watch #AmericanIdol LIVE tonight and VOTE! Janet was selected for Island of the Idols; Rob and Sandra's challenge to her was to play a game to test her ability of calculated risk. But regular viewers knew that this was just another twist in a story that had tarnished the season." Dean grew concerned of a "goat" alliance banding together to take out threats, and he attempted to align with Tommy and Elizabeth.

At Vokai, Janet led the tribe in making fire without flint.

CBS and Survivor producers issued an apology for how they handled the situation and announced they would make significant changes to their safety protocols, to be fully in place by the 41st season, which would be the first to be filmed following Island of the Idols' airing. The first group aired on April 7 and the second group on April 8. #AmericanIdol", "Get your weekend ALL-STARted with the #IdolDuets lineups! Future seasons will see this orientation expanded to include the means to which castaways can report their concerns of other players in a confidential manner to production, and production will improve their staff's training to watch for these issues ahead of time, and to add a support system for affected castaways as part of their available on-island and post-elimination mental health support. Janet was targeted, but she tried to convince Tommy to turn on Lauren due to her strong social gameplay.

Karishma played a hidden immunity idol on herself, therefore seven votes against her were not counted. 1 {Vote} Survivor 39 : Survivor Voting Poll: Island of the Idols Live Voting Online [Check Trends & Vote] 2019. Tune in Sundays from 7 July.

Per the rules, a second vote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those who tied. Tommy took Noura aside and tried to convince her that his firemaking skills were limited, in case Noura were to win final immunity; in reality, Tommy felt confident in his firemaking ability. Meanwhile on orange, Karishma and Missy clashed when the former felt bullied as they tried to talk strategy. Which performances are you most excited for?!

The following morning, Janet found a new immunity idol.

At the Island of the Idols, an excited Elizabeth was greeted by Boston Rob and Sandra, who taught her how to make fire. They made a final 2 deal, but unbeknownst to Noura, Dean had one with Tommy as well. Those four players aligned and agreed to target Elaine first, while the four left at camp (Dean, Elaine, Karishma, and Noura) aligned as well, with Noura going on a tirade about not being chosen for the reward. [citation needed]. Missy sensed that some of them were scared to turn on Dean so quickly, so she proposed voting out Chelsea instead. Noura had lost her vote from her unsuccessful test at Island of the Idols, but Vokai still had a 4-3 majority in the tribe. "[55], James Poniewozik of The New York Times talked about the ending to the twelfth episode when Dan was ejected from the game.

[8], Island of the Idols became the first season to feature a Canadian-born castaway (Tom Laidlaw), as the casting process opened for Canadian residents in mid-2018. [12] Previously, Canadian citizens had been ineligible to compete on the show as, according to Probst, the limitation was due to the rights that Mark Burnett and CBS had on the Survivor format, limiting it to contestants with American citizenship. Kim stated that the hardest part of the situation was not what Spilo did, but that she felt that she was "not supported or believed" by production, which Probst said was a misstep on their part. At the Island, Elaine accepted Rob and Sandra's challenge before even hearing what it was. Jason's vote was blocked at Tribal Council.