Before it was introduced, the FP-30 had been the most affordable digital piano in Roland’s arsenal. roland fp-30 digital piano Next up we have the Roland FP-30 , which has now been replaced by the above FP-10 as the entry level standard. The Roland FP-10 is the latest addition to Roland’s FP portable line of digital pianos. Moving up to the next entry in the line brings us to the Roland FP-30, which has a lot of similarities with the FP-10.The FP-30 is a few hundred dollars more, which buys you greater wattage in the speakers, a heavier case as well as the option to add a triple pedal system to the matching Roland … Roland FP-30. As of today, the FP series includes the following keyboards: FP-10; FP-30; FP-60; FP-90 This is still a fantastic beginner digital piano of course, except it has a few extra features intermediate players will appreciate.