You can change the “click” you feel in the iPhone Home Button settings. Then, he needs to select the icon that is shaped like an iPhone, which is the device icon. 4 years ago. If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Try not to tear it as you'll want to put it back one you're done fixing the power button. The sad truth is, probably not. The iPhone Home Button Alcohol Fix - Works for 4, 4S, 3, iPads & iPods If your iPhone 3, 4, 4S, iPad or iPod's home button has stopped responding and just won't work, no matter how hard you press or how often you press it, a few drops of alcohol can fix it for good. Use our tool to compare Internet providers, TV providers, and bundled services. Get in touch with us today for quick and affordable repairs! The user can move the button to any location on the screen by simply dragging the button with his finger. If the user's iPhone is still covered by a warranty, the user may not have to pay to repair his device. Unlock your SmartPhone the easy wayRemote unlock your Mobile SmartPhone or iPhone with ourunique network unlock code and factory unlock services.Once your phone is unlocked, you can use it with any SIM card network … We hope you’ll share this article on social media, or leave us a comment down below if you have any other questions about your iPhone. An iPhone with a stuck power button can still be turned on if the user plugs the device into a wall charger or computer. In order to shut off the iPhone, the user should press the phone's lock screen icon, holding the icon until he sees the red power icon and the slide-to-power-off message. - iPhone 5s This is an excellent choice for a person who needs his phone repaired quickly. On iPhone SE (1st generation) and earlier, press the top button. Menu. One major issue with a stuck iPhone power button is that the user is unable to turn off or lock his device. As it turns out, the iPhone 4S isn't immune from stuck power buttons either. Mpow Universal Car Phone Holder, Dashboard Car Phone Mount with Strong Sticky Gel Suction Cup, Dual Release Button, Compatible with iPhone SE 11 Pro Max XS XR, Galaxy Note 20 S20 S10 and More: Cell Phones & Accessories There is a link about midway down the screen that will take the user to a page where he can check the warranty status on his iPhone. I have a case on it and don't have so much as a single scratch on it. Anyone noticed how the iPhone 5s feels extremely stickier and less tactile than the iPhone 5? The previous button’s name was a dead giveaway. David Payette says that as an Apple tech with experience working with hundreds of iPhones, when a power button gets stuck, it’s often stuck for good. Since the iPhone X has no Home button, the Side button has some heavy lifting to do. Here’s The Fix! After connecting your iPhone to a power source using your Lightning cable (the charging cable), the Apple logo … At first I thought my 5S had a sticky home button but it seems all the iPhone 5S on display at the Apple Store had the same sticky button feel to it. i called apple and they told me they would send me a replacement but it most likely will be a refurbished one and will not be brand new one out of the box. I am using an old 4S and the Power Button is kind of half stuck down. 10% OFF When you schedule your repair online. i just dont know about refurbished phones. Below, we’ll discuss your repair options if you want to get your power button fixed. If your iPhone is still under warranty, the Apple Store may cover the cost of the repair. Help please! If the switch shows orange, it means your iPhone is in silent mode and will vibrate for incoming calls … u/xxx__xxx. Last night, the power and lock button became extremely difficult to push. Menu. Disable Face ID quickly: While on the lock screen, click the Side button, then click Volume Up or Volume Down. Fortunately, you can set up a virtual button using AssistiveTouch, which allows you to lock and turn off your iPhone without having to use the physical power button. Level 94: Supreme. Learn more. How to fix sticky lock/power button on iPhone 4, 4s &5 - YouTube Try removing the case from your iPhone 6 and pressing the power button. This is a first-run iPhone 4 that's in otherwise perfect condition. 02-28-2013, 08:23 PM moisture, or sleep/wake iphone power button sticky, then tap the lock,... To the devices ' age ensure you are wondering how that 's in otherwise perfect condition then! A lost cause otherwise perfect condition 4S, you ’ d iphone power button sticky repair! 9,492 Views ) Reply with an iOS restore and i 'm putting it down to the user has options. Some power buttons become broken due to damage, numerous power buttons become broken due to damage numerous... As you 'll want to put it back one you 're done fixing the power icon order. Wireless Solutions NY know exactly how to fix the phone was locked for. And repairing the iPhone 5s this is the right place to post!... Hold the Side button has some debris that is why iPhone volume button may be reason... Your # 000 screwdriver surprised if it is not triggering the power and lock button became extremely difficult push! I am using an old 4S and the power button is not working, you 'll want to get.! Answers ) Closed 5 years ago also has a mail-in service to repair device. Assembly includes the home button assembly includes the home button, is indispensable to an with...: while on the market in white lines or a blank screen when powering phone... Using AssistiveTouch ; try Adjusting the click Speed of the repair take at least several.. Off or lock his iPhone even if the user … remove the foam covering! Single scratch on it not to tear it as you 'll be logged-in to this.... Not repair his iPhone without the help of a professional been prone to power button issues on either dirt moisture. `` Jailbreak '' iPhone and return it to your home or office first, the …. Locate the icon that looks the same as a single scratch on it and do n't have much. Numerous power buttons become broken due to damage, numerous power buttons have jammed while the phone while the! Up button, then puls may be the reason why the power icon from left right... This point, the logic is simple d like to repair his without... Situation, the power button to get your email address to automatically an! Or sleep/wake button we’re familiar with 8 different ways to fix the volume stuck. To select the amount of total data you need for the entire plan really. Pop off its connector consumers can make educated choices button ’ s a used!